Creating abstract landscapes

The backdrop for the dancing, singing and words is an almost endless herringbone pattern which extends in every direction and is designed to integrate perfectly into existing floors.

In addition to GREAT Scan, this was a challenge to all our colour management, image processing and print data preparation skills.

Producing the inlay patterns I wanted, some of which were very complex, was simply not possible with actual materials so the only way open to us was reproduction. Since, however, it was to be positioned next to genuine material, it was important to make a very accurate reproduction in terms of colour and scale which if possible should be completely identical to the original. In fact we painted over one of the floors I wanted to use in our workshops and that also had to be reproduced accurately.
In other words, we cut out a sample tile of each of the three floors and sent them to Hanover. I had already created the image templates on the computer in the form of a vector. BLUE Studios then filled in this vector with the scanned surface and scaled it and they also prepared the data for the printers. The tarpaulin that we used as a surface on which to print also had a PVC coating. The result was perfect.