Test images

Enhancement and error checking are subject to certain limits if we just consider what is currently possible. That is why we are exploring the limits of what can be depicted in practical experiments, deliberately including error sources. The various methods are used for quality management and provide scope for concrete new opportunities.

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Liquid scanning

Liquid scanning is a method of making the colour channels and their delimitations between each other visible within one scanning process. Ink in water moves in time “between” the colour channels which produce separate traces.

The scans of a model and a flower have shown that there is a grey zone between the test layout and new methods of visualisation which could become actual new services in the future.

Geometry scanning

Geometry scanning uses a three-dimensional object, a cuboid, to test the geometry of the scan in various scanning modes. This enables us to localise even the tiniest errors in the calculation of the line-by-line scanning motion before a problem occurs in a job.