product digitization & digitize paintings of all your products as large size scan. Great Scan offers repro service for international clients on highest level.

We offer one of the biggest large size scan of germany to product digitization and digitize paintings to lift quality as a repro service to a hole new level. Great Scan delivers images for space configurators, among there also digital Scan of flooring material, even with depth structure 3D scan. product digitization at Great Scan is a service of Blue Studios GmbH. we offer art reproduction on the highest level possible. whether digitize paintings or large size scan, at Great Scan you’re at the right place, to product digitization your goods.

digitize paintings and art reproduction on international level!

we belong to the top league of repro service in hole europe. 99,9% customer satisfaction at over 200.000 jobs with over 1 Million products each speak a clear language about us as repro service for digitize paintings. so do not content yourself with the minimum. As a partner for product digitization we’re the number 1 in europe. among these offerings are digitize paintings and art reproduction of large size scan. as repro service for art reproduction we belong to the top players in hole europe and worldwide! renowned clients worlwide are delighted about our product digitization and digitize paintings!

large size scan repro service product digitization

Say “goodbye” to bad and lame product images.

Welcome to No. 1 large format scanning.

We are professionals in all kinds of product scanning. From real structure scans to real 3D scanning for VR or even a simple and plain product image – your product will look real and best on our images.

With our support and services you will lift your marketing to the next level.

We can scan products up to a size of 120cm x 210cm.

High End Reproduktion Services


Perfect images are the ground work for a perfect marketing campaign, creating attention around the quality of your product and growing the appetite on the market. In catalogues, in online-shops. At the heart-the point of sale.

We are set out to do GREAT scans. And we go for great marketing, advising, planning, organising, and sticking to the deadlines. All in all to guarantee that we are your reliable partner.

High End Scan

High End large scale scans on one of the largest scanners in Germany. Endless possibilities, industrialised production and logistic in house.

Colour management

Perfection in Colour management after FOGRA Certifications (Research Institute for Media Technologies). With that true colours stay real.

Ecommerce Photography

Use the possibilities in distributing products. We offer solutions for web and print as series.

Product Video

With or without model. We offer cinema-videography to step up the advertisement of your product to a complete new dimension.


Your calendar is packed?

We are here for you

Down below you find your personal contact.

CEO PIM-Systeme günstige Produktabbildungen Deutschland Hannover

T.0049 511 353992-18

Dieter Sieg

Counselling & sales departement
Finding solutions for every problem. Showing deliverables transparency.
CEO Scanservice günstige Produktabbildungen Deutschland Hannover

T.0049 511 353992-11

Jennifer Möbius

Project Manager, Contact Person for Production, Quality Manager
Scanservice Deutschland Hannover mit Floorservice, sehr günstig

T.0049 511 353992-17

Volker Warning

Innovation and planning

Mastering comes from knowledge

We say:

Everything is possible

We are scanning synthetic material, wood, ceramic. Also textiles. As well as insects and backgrounds for theatre productions. We say: good is standard, improved is superior and a reproduction can be more than just he copy of the original.

We stay true to our word:
microstructure, fantastic colours, rapport- that is our ambition. There we stand for our name and embrace our passion. We do GREAT scans not only since yesterday, but work close together with international customers since 2007.

Some of our clients

Produktabbildungen inkl. Scanservice südwolle bodenbelagindustrie
Kundenzufriedenheit Renderingservice inkl. Scanservice westag & getalig AG bodenbelagindustrie
Scanservice inkl. Floorservice Tarkett bodenbelagindustrie
Renderingservice inkl. Floorservice e-sign bodenbelagindustrie
Renderingservice mit Oberflächendigitalisierung und Großformatscanservice weltweit führend
Scanservice mit Oberflächendigitalisierung und Interiormarket Floorservice weltweit führend
Renderingservice und Scanservice auf internationalem Niveau

Our work doesn’t start with the scan, neither does it end with your data transfer. From the first call until the finish line, we hang on and work as hard as we can, until every little detail is perfect.


Improve organization, shorten time to market

We give tips how to organise your product line, your product lists and how to pack the perfect palette. So that we can start our work right a way without confusion.


Local guidance

For the correct consideration and processing of the high quality image material,we support your graphic designer or your advertisement agency:
We support you locally, check the computer monitor, the work space and work process, in order to increase the workflow and the processing of the marketing material. Individual and co-operative guidance.

We store your products for 3 months

including a fixed position for your palette

We archive your data for 6 months

After dispatch

12 month proofed archiving

Wenn es Änderungen Ihrer Produkte gibt

Data processing counselling

How to work the right way


each copy

is an original

We work with brilliant technologies and ideas to create individual high-end representations of your products. It's a game about contrast, sharpness, gloss, light and shadows.

Bodenkonfigurator Scanservice Renderingservice Oberflächendigitalisierung Deutschland Hannover
Produktabbildungen für PIM-Systeme Premiumdienstleister Deutschland Hannover
Scanservice für Rendering-Floorservice PIM-Systeme
PIM-Systeme Scanservice Produktabbildungen Deutschland Hannover

Hyper Real

the maximum of subtleties and gloss
for the finest surfaces


To represent structure which are in the internet
or printed


for surfaces with a strong texture

Structure plus

for glossy surfaces with dignified textures

Kunstreproduktion Checkliste

The perfect stock list

Great Scan Scanservice PIM-Systeme Marktführer

The perfect palette



The question is, where does technical mastery actually end?

The question is, where does technical mastery actually end?

Produktabbildungen inkl. Renderingservice E-sign Deutschland Hannover

Test scanning

Günstiger Scanservice und Renderingservice Deutschland Hannover

Scanning art

We are so accurate with the colour of our scans that they are regularly used as a basis for creating colour samples

We are so accurate with the colour of our scans that they are regularly used as a basis for creating colour samples

Creating abstract landscapes

Creating abstract landscapes

Great Scan Renderingservice PIM-Systeme Marktführer

Scanning insects



your partner for product digitization in Hanover. As a repro service digitize your products and floorings in the best possible quality.

whether reproduction of art, industrial surface or floorings. product digitization at Great Scan is of highest quality, therefore making it necessary to be done by an approved company for art reproduction, which is Great Scan. digitize paintings belongs to our service as well! we mastered art reproduction, because our experience as a service for digitize paintings and large size scan is unmatched. we offer you the complete package from a single source. profit from our know-how of product digitization and colormangement of thousands of individual products. we’re able to do repro service in one’s sleep! our level of service is unmatched – because our service exceeds the industry standard for product digitization.

Great Scan is the market leader for large size scan & repro service in hole europe and worldwide

To be able to digitize your products you need an experienced partner for product digitization at your side. Great Scan delivers images for PIM systems, room studios and room configurators. digital floorings are part of our expertise, we can already count more than 100.000 scanned products in this regard. and we keep counting for sure! Because as a leading repro service worldwide we work on product digitization with the team at Blue Studios GmbH.

Great Scan has long-term expertise in in professional art reproduction as well as digitize paintings for goods of all types.

with our Cruse large size scanner and our own department for color mangement we can make sure to offer you the best image results possible. all of your product images and art reproduction are delivered to you as ultra high resolution image files. digital Interieur for Studios is one of our key services, when talking about the possibilities we can offer to you as a service worldwide. repro service or the digital copy of von paintings are also part of our Portfolio!

Color mangement: perfectly tailored to match the original! your repro service no. 1 for product digitization as well as digitize paintings in hole europe.

our Caddon color scanner attains an unmatched color accuracy you’ve never seen before, as it comes so close to the original as nothing else when it comes to digitize paintings. but we’re not satisfied as long as you’re not satisfied. our team of experienced professionals delivers proofs of the scans and compares them to the original floorings at norm light conditions to deliver the perfect result for your images! and thats the reason we are the leading branch repro service for product digitization and digitize paintings worlwide.